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If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, you’re about to take the first step toward better dental health and a smile that will last a lifetime.We are happy that you’re considering our office and are committed to providing you with the best orthodontic care. We want to achieve the finest possible results — and have a pleasant and rewarding experience along the way!

Our website is designed to help you get to know us and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact our office for any additional explanations you may need. We are happy to talk to you!

Philosophy and Mission

There are many underlying philosophic principles that Dr. Macri incorporates into his practice and guides him to the highest standard of excellence. He believes in treating every patient like a family member. With this is mind, Dr. Macri has an understanding of a patient’s esthetic issues as well as how the treatment will impact not just the smile, but the entire person, knowing that a beautiful smile will make a positive impact on the patient’s life. While esthetic changes are important, Dr. Macri does not compromise functionally and normalcy.

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